What is surgical orthodontics?

Sometimes a person's jaws may be out of alignment, meaning that moving just the teeth is not enough to create a good bite and a perfect smile. During childhood, bones are softer and jaws can be manipulated with various appliances so that they grow in the correct way. 

Once the jaws stop growing, the only way to make changes is to surgically re-align them to create a correct bite. Jaw surgery is performed by specialist Oral Surgeons in conjunction with orthodontic treatment.

Please see our gallery for some examples of treatments involving jaw surgery.  It is a lot more common than most people think.  Utilizing jaw surgery during orthodontic treatment requires thorough diagnosis to make sure that jaw surgery is required, and that other options cannot deliver a similar result.

The decision to have jaw surgery as part of orthodontic treatment is often the most difficult decision  and we make sure that your journey is as easy as possible. It is also important for the patient to see the likely changes to their bite and their facial appearance, and at Dr Alex Yusupov Specialist Orthodontists we go to great lengths to simulate the surgery-induced changes so that the only surprise at the end of treatment is how great the smile and the face look.

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