While most emergency dental care (such as broken or knocked out teeth) is generally performed by a regular dentist, there are a few emergency issues which can arise from your orthodontic treatment.

My braces have broken or come loose

Eating hard or sticky foods or receiving a knock to the mouth can cause your braces to break. If this happens, make an appointment to come and see us as soon as possible.

I have lost or broken my retainer

If you lose or break your retainer it is important to come and see us as soon as possible as teeth can move quickly.

My teeth are sore

It is normal to have sore teeth for one to two days after having your braces fitted or adjusted, during this time you should take painkillers such as Panadol and wait for the discomfort to ease.

In the unlikely event that you are experiencing pain for more than three days after your appointment, please give us a call.

I have sore lips or cheeks

Sometimes, the introduction of braces to your mouth can cause sore spots or ulcers. Rinse with warm salty water to ease the discomfort and after a few days the sore spots should ease.

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