JAW SURGERY (orthognathic surgery)

While orthodontic treatment is most effective when carried out during childhood, it is never too late to obtain a perfect smile.

By the age of roughly 18 in males and 16 in females the jaw stops growing, making treatments such as functional orthopaedics much less effective. In adult patients, if the upper and lower jaws do not line up properly, jaw surgery may be required to re-align the jaws and enable correction of the bite.

Please see our gallery for some examples of treatments involving jaw surgery.  It is a lot more common than most people think.  Utilizing jaw surgery during orthodontic treatment requires thorough diagnosis to make sure that jaw surgery is required, and that other options cannot deliver a similar result.

The decision to have jaw surgery as part of orthodontic treatment is often the most difficult decision for the parents or patients and we make sure that your journey is as easy as possible. It is also important for the patient to see the likely changes to their bite and their facial appearance, and at Dr Alex Yusupov Specialist Orthodontists we go to great lengths to simulate the surgery-induced changes so that the only surprise at the end of treatment is how great the smile and the face look.

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