Sustainability in Dentistry

Minimize environmental impact

At Alex Yusupov Specialist Orthodontists we do our best to minimize our environmental impact without compromising safety and quality for our patients.  

From switching to digital versions of records (Digital X-rays and digital models), to using re-chargeable batteries, LED lighting, paperless communication (emails and text messages) and solar panels, we reduce our environmental footprint: 

Reduction of carbon footprint

The reduction of carbon footprint has also been achieved with introduction of SureSmile. SureSmile has helped us to keep providing optimal care with reducing the frequency of appointments, which ultimately requires fewer patient journeys, reducing distribution of resources, fewer waste disposal services and reduced manufacturing. 

We have invested in state of the art digital X-ray machine, which eliminates chemical processing and disposal of hazardous wastes and chemicals used in processing x-ray films.

The most recent addition to our practice has been introduction of self ligating brackets, which do not require modules, further reducing non-recyclable waste products!