Our Technologies

Computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) are new technologies that allow dental technicians to create new dentures out of material discs in a fraction of the time. A complete prosthesis can be manufactured in just a few steps.

3D Printing

By enabling its users to create any physical shape on-demand, the invention of 3D printing completely changed the world. This technology allows dental professionals to create prostheses and dentures with laser precision without having to leave their own practice.

With the invention of multi-nozzle 3D printing, scientists can print with multiple materials in a fraction of the time.

Digital Imaging

In many dental offices, print-out X-rays are becoming things of the past. They are replaced with digital imaging, which is increasingly used to facilitate faster exams, to inflict less exposure to radiation on patients and to generate less waste, which helps the planet.

Digital imaging relies on intraoral and digital cameras that are capable of completely documenting the clinical condition of a patient’s teeth, gums and mouth through still and moving images. These images appear instantly, and they can be integrated into patients’ electronic health records for future reference. Today’s intraoral digital cameras are smaller, more lightweight and easier to use than ever.

Digital Scanning In years past, designing a crown, implant or other corrective components for patients, meant having to create moulds of their mouths using unpleasant putties. Digital scanning eliminatesthe need for that part, which patients tend to dread. In a flash, an accurate digital image of the scan can be produced and used for a variety of purposes.

Images from digital scans help dentists to plan treatments more effectively and efficiently. Since they can instantly be shared with dental labs, they are more convenient for everyone involved. This means that the resulting bridges, crowns and implants are more effectively designed, and it brings down the costs of such services.

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