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Cone Beam CT

Cone Beam Computed Tomography

Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) is an advanced imaging system which provides a detailed three dimensional image of the teeth, mouth and jaws.

We utilise a professional radiology service to obtain these highly specialised scans.  These 3D scans take less than 20 seconds, where the scanner rotates around the person’s head, taking hundreds of images which are then combined to form a 3D model.

This 3D model allows us to see things that a regular scan doesn’t show, meaning we can better diagnose orthodontic issues and therefore plan the most effective treatment possible.

Cone Beam CT is used to assist with the following problems:

  • Impacted or missing permanent teeth
  • Wisdom teeth and their relationship to adjacent structures
  • Airway assessment
  • Suresmile system – a highly advanced orthodontic planning and finishing system

What about Radiation?

Despite the relatively low radiation from a CBCT scan as compared to medical CT scans (10-100 times less), we are very mindful of radiation exposure, especially in children.  Whenever possible, we minimise radiation exposure and request x-ray examinations only when absolutely necessary.