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Your First Visit

From the moment you first walk into our brand new purpose-built practice, you’ll know you’ve made the right choice with Alex Yusupov Specialist Orthodontists.

Your first visit is all about us getting to know you and you getting to know us. We want you to have a positive, rewarding experience, and we try to be on time as we know your time is just as important as ours.


We’ll start by reviewing your general medical, dental and orthodontic history. We really want to know why you have come to see us or why your dentist referred you for an orthodontic assessment. We will then carry out a 40 point orthodontic examination, checking your teeth, jaw joints, smile aesthetics, facial proportions and symmetry, as well as speech, habits or function.

This allows us to formulate a tentative treatment plan. We explain our findings and discuss if and how orthodontic treatment can help with correcting your concerns. The treatment outline will cover important information like: what appliances can be effective (braces, invisalign or other), whether any extractions or dental treatment will be required before, during or after orthodontic treatment. Approximate duration of treatment, costs and payment plans are also explained and we consider how your work, social or family life will be affected during your treatment.

At that stage you may decide to proceed with measurements, where we take facial and mouth photographs, as well as a 3D scan of your teeth (no messy, uncomfortable moulds). X-rays will also be ordered if necessary. These records, along with the clinical examination, allow us to complete the diagnosis.

We’ll then create a detailed, customised treatment plan containing information on the types of treatment available to you, including costs / payment plans and the optimal timing of your treatment. This will be presented to you at your next appointment and discussed with you in detail to determine the best course of treatment for you.

When you’re ready to take the first step towards your perfect smile, feel free to complete our New Patient Form (Adult) and book an appointment.


At Alex Yusupov Specialist Orthodontists, children can look forward to a warm, friendly and stress-free experience.

From the dedicated play area in the waiting room, to our cosy consulting rooms and into the light-filled treatment rooms where you will sit beside your child while they have their treatment. We guarantee to provide the highest level of care possible to both you and your child.

The first appointment is all about getting to know each other while assessing your child’s orthodontic needs.

The examination is very simple, and for most children it appears that we only count their teeth. But we do more than that. We carry out a full 40 point orthodontic exam, which includes assessment of any habits or abnormal function, which often can contribute to the severity of orthodontic problems if not addressed at the right time. With children, a special emphasis is made to explain the importance of maintain healthy teeth and if necessary, we will show the child on the best way to brush their teeth. If our assessment shows problems that are quite severe, we are likely to discuss the potential treatments privately with the parents first.

We will explain the nature of any problems detected, the best way to correct them, the best time to start treatment, and the likely type of treatment and costs.

We will also explain which measurements or records will be required to complete the diagnosis and work out a definitive treatment plan, which will be presented at the second appointment.

We guarantee that you and your child will leave your first appointment feeling comfortable and informed.
Call us today and take the first step in the journey to achieving your child’s perfect smile.

Feel free to complete our New Patient Form (Child / Teen)