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Trios 3Shape Intra Oral Scanner

Accurate impressions of the teeth and jaws are essential for orthodontic treatment to be planned and performed successfully.

Alex Yusupov Specialist Orthodontists are proud to utilise the latest in Intra Oral Scanning technology by utilising the state of the art – Trios 3Shape scanner.

Preview your results

In some cases we use 3D scanning to plan how  your smile will improve over the course of the treatment by using virtual treatment simulation software. These simulations can be used to illustrate differences possible with various treatment options, giving you the opportunity to help design your treatment outcome.

No more messy impressions

Previously the only way to obtain dental impressions was by using putty – an uncomfortable and messy experience in which a tray of putty is placed in the patient’s mouth for 1-2 minutes to set around the teeth.

With Intra Oral Scanning, a small wand-shaped device is waved around the mouth to take 3D scans of the teeth. The process is a completely mess free, comfortable and highly accurate method of taking impressions (see a video).

These 3D scans can then be sent to the laboratory to produce appliances, custom fitted braces  (using indirect bonding technique) giving a more accurate start to your treatment.

Intra Oral Scanner Alex Yusupov