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What sets us apart

Alex Yusupov

What sets us apart

At Alex Yusupov Specialist Orthodontists we don’t believe there is such thing as a ‘typical patient’. Our strength lies in treating every patient as an individual with a unique set of needs.  

We seek to understand your wishes and expectations and work out treatment strategies that allow us to reach your goals and achieve the best possible outcome. We believe that knowledge is powerful and we want you to understand your treatment. By explaining the treatment process thoroughly and by answering your questions before we start treatment, there are no surprises during or after your treatment.

We understand that the orthodontic process, regardless of the appliances used, is not a journey that most people look forward to. Our responsibility is to make sure that at the end of this journey, you have the best possible result, both aesthetically and functionally.

Your first visit

This is what makes it all worthwhile and why thousands of patients have chosen us and continue to recommend us to their family and friends. We are proud to have many dentists and specialists refer their own family members to us as well as their patients. 

When you decide to undergo orthodontic treatment, you are embarking on a journey and we’re here to accompany you on every step of that journey. 

From your first visit to the day you unveil your perfect smile to family and friends.