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Why Braces?

Why have orthodontic treatment?

It is well known that people with beautiful teeth are more confident and smile more. Smiles are one of the first things that people notice about one another and many base their first impressions on how a person smiles.

A healthy smile is also likely to affect how successful a person is in their professional lives. A study in 2007 which simulated job interviews found that candidates with more aesthetic smiles were 58% more likely to be offered the job, and 53% more likely to be offered a higher salary(1).

Besides the aesthetic gains, there are numerous health related benefits: a poor bite can cause difficulties with speech and eating, teeth will wear unevenly which over time damages the teeth and gums resulting in premature tooth loss. It can also cause joint problems in the jaw leading to headaches, neck and shoulder pain.

It has also been proven that having healthy teeth lowers your chance of heart disease and stroke. This may sound unlikely but it is thought that the bacteria that builds up in a person’s mouth when they have poor oral hygiene can get into the blood stream and cause inflammation in the heart. Straight teeth are easier to clean, promoting better oral hygiene.

To find out more about braces or how a specialist orthodontist can help you call us today to book an appointment.

1. P&G Oral Care Science; 3-D Whitening: The science behind a white, bright and beautiful smile.